Effects of Peyronies Disease on Sexual Functioning

The sexual problems that result from Peyronies Disease, can disrupt a couple’s physical and emotional relationship. For men regardless of their relationship status, any sexual expectation to perform sexually, when they have a condition which effects the penis, has a high potential for developing problems around self-esteem, self-confidence and anxiety which can further escalate problems with sexual performance.

Adapted from: Porterbrook Clinic and Sheffield Hospital Andrology Service Information on Peyronie’s disease.
Andrology Australia Factsheet.

Most urologists would agree that having consistent, healthy erections is key to maintaining peak sexual performance. However, due to the painful nature of erections for many Peyronie’s disease suffers, they may find sex unenjoyable or impossible.

Dave Wells believes in a unified approach to supporting a person with their health needs as the best way to support the participant. As a result, Dave Wells would encourage communication was held with other health professionals involved in the maintenance of the Peyronie’s disease, such as Urologists, doctors, etc, to ensure the best standard of support would be provided.

When working with men and their partners who were effected by Peyronies disease in Sheffield, England, I discovered that the use of alternative equipment, such as penile pumps (hospital grade), combined with erectile dysfunction medical treatments were very effective in improving the symptoms for the men that we treated. An essential part of the treatment journey for the clients, was the excellent relationships that they had with the clinic staff built on trust and respect, in a friendly and safe environment where they were treated as a person, and not a number.

Dave Wells can provide the emotional, and psychological support, along-side holding a medical understanding of Peyronies disease. An important area of support also involves navigating the changes, pressures, and stresses that Peyronies disease can place on a romantic relationship, or for men who enjoy casual partnerships. Having a person that you can talk to on a regular basis, can be an essential part of your recovery.