Ejaculatory Fluid Concerns

Men may have concerns around semen or fluid ejaculation.  These concerns may range from, dry ejaculation through to too much ejaculatory fluid, an unusual colour, or consistency in texture, as well as sexual fluid exposure or sensation discomfort.   Reasons for fluid concerns can both be psychological (Thoughts/Behaviour or Physical (Medical).

The physical or medical possibilities include; developmental and puberty, retrograde ejaculation, excessive sexual activity, blockages and obstructions.

The psychological effects can include; dis-empowerment, negatively effecting the self-confidence/esteem of the person, excessive worry, relationship and bonding difficulties, among many others.

For men who are trying to get their partners pregnant, as well as in communities who place a high emphasis on sexual fluid; ejaculatory fluid concerns are serious and confounding.

How Can Dave Wells Therapies Help?

In my practice, I explore ejaculatory fluid concerns from both a physiological (Medical) and psychological (Thoughts, feelings and behaviours) perspective to achieve the best outcome for the person.

Dave Wells can support individuals with the social and personal psychological implications of discomfort arising from the concern, as well as providing and overseeing referral to health professionals for exploratory and treatment options if deemed necessary.

This two-tier approach in addressing various sexual difficulties, aims to achieve ‘best practice’.  The support that Dave Wells provides, may result in it being a standalone service to address the sexual concern.  However, medical support may take precedence, or Dave Wells may be required to collaborate in unity with medical professionals to achieve the best outcomes for the person.

Whatever the result, a client-centered approach underpins the philosophy of Dave Wells Therapies and enables each individual to have control of any decisions.