Erectile Dysfunction (ED)

Erectile dysfunction or Impotence, can be caused by ‘Psychological factors’, ‘Physical factors’, or a ‘combination of both’, and can have a major impact on their a man’s emotional well-being.  Common effects of ED can include:

–  A man may feel a loss of manhood,
–  Embarrassment, frustration, Anger
–  A loss of confidence/low self-esteem,
–  Difficulties in relationship or sexual encounters.

Erectile Dysfunction can be extremely difficult for men to discuss even knowing that it can be treatable.  Dave Wells provides a confidential and respecting service, supported by specialised skills in sexual health and relationship issues. Addressing ED can require individual and/or couple’s counselling, dependent on the man’s situation

Dave Wells recognizes the importance of providing support for partners of men who are suffering from erectile dysfunction, since we understand when in a relationship this often becomes a couple’s issue. When in a relationship, a co-operative couple will benefit more from treatment.

For the independent man, ED can greatly interfere with meeting partners, effect his personal view of himself, and his sexual confidence.  ED and its effects isn’t something that men have to live with, although treatment can be made much more complicated when ED is a result of a medical condition, e.g. Prostate Cancer, etc.

In most cases ED is psychological in nature.