Female Sexology

Dave Wells reports that in his experience there is a vast difference between the ways that each gender addresses their health problems. More often, Women are reported as more assertive at communicating any concerns with others, and seeking support for health problems, in comparison to Men.

When focusing on sexual health, women generally experience different Sociological and Biological pressures then men do with their sexual health conditions.

Dave Wells prides himself on his strength of respecting all diversities of people and gaining a holistic view of any person as an individual to develop an understanding of what life looks like for the person, and the areas of support required. Dave Wells respects that people often have a preferred gender of medical professional/s.

Dave Wells respects this, and can offer referral to specialists best suited to address conditions that are Psychical in nature, meanwhile accessing Dave Wells for psychological support to empower the individual to navigate through their journey.

This ‘Female Sexology’ section covers sexual health conditions that are limited to the female anatomy and the female gender-brain.