Premature Ejaculation

The condition of ejaculating (cumming) too fast is known as ‘Premature Ejaculation’.  It can be of a medical, psychological, behavioural nature, or a combination of all three, and can have devastating effects on a person’s self-confidence and self-esteem, relationships and sexual enjoyment.
Premature ejaculation is often defined as the ejaculation, which is uncontrolled and takes place either prior to or just after a sexual penetration. This happens much before a person desires for an ejaculation. It can also take place with minimum stimulation and is quite unsatisfactory for both the partners. This often leads to anxiety and other problems and can affect any man at any point of his life. This is known to be the most common form of male sexual dysfunction (learn more about the healthy sexual life)

Premature ejaculation is a common difficulty experienced by men, closely followed by other ejaculation conditions such as;
•Inhibited (Delayed) Ejaculation
•Retrograde Ejaculation (Internal ejaculation in the bladder, rather than externally through the penis)
•Anejaculation (No ejaculation)

How Can Dave Wells Therapies Help?

Research exhibits that men are much less likely than women to access health support. This is especially so, when the condition is of a sexual nature.  Difficulties concerning the penis and its performance can be extremely difficult to confront, however many penile conditions are often easily rectified with support.

In my practice, I explore Pre-mature Ejaculation from both a physiological (Medical) and psychological (Thoughts, feelings and behaviours) perspective, to achieve the best outcome for the person.

Dave Wells Therapies can support individuals with the social and personal psychological implications of this condition, as well as providing and overseeing referral to health professionals for exploratory and treatment options if deemed necessary.

This two-tier approach in addressing various sexual difficulties, aims to achieve ‘best practice’.  The support that Dave Wells provides may result in it being a standalone service to address the sexual concern.  However, medical support many take precedence, or Dave Wells may be required to collaborate in unity with medical professionals to achieve the best outcomes for the person.

Whatever the result, a client-centered approach underpins the philosophy of Dave Wells Therapies and enables each individual to have control of any decisions.