Retrograde Ejaculation

Retrograde ejaculation is also known as dry ejaculation. It is defined as ejaculation backwards into the bladder. This occurs when the bladder neck fails to close and semen passes through the bladder neck into the bladder rather than out through the urethra.  This is an uncommon condition, but it is also harmless.

Absence of ejaculation can occur in men with retrograde ejaculation, but also in men with anejaculation retrograde ejaculation (the inability to ejaculate). .

In order to distinguish between the two, a urine sample is taken soon after sexual climax and the analysis checks for sperm in the urine. If sperm is found the diagnosis is retrograde ejaculation and if sperm is not found the diagnosis is anejaculation.

How Can Dave Wells Therapies Help?

This condition is difficult to treat, but most men with this condition do not need treatment. The most important message is that it is not a sign of a serious illness.

In my practice, I explore Retrograde Ejaculation and Anejaculation from both a physiological (Medical) and psychological (Thoughts, feelings and behaviours) perspective to achieve the best outcome for the person.

Dave Wells can support individuals with the social and personal psychological implications of this condition, as well as providing and overseeing referral to health professionals for exploratory and treatment options if deemed necessary.

This two-tier approach in addressing various sexual difficulties, aims to achieve ‘best practice’.  The support that Dave Wells provides may result in it being a standalone service to address the sexual concern.  However, medical support many take precedence, or Dave Wells may be required to collaborate in unity with medical professionals to achieve the best outcomes for the person.

Whatever the result, a client-centered approach underpins the philosophy of Dave Wells Therapies and enables each individual to have control of any decisions.