sexual therapy

Many have questions about sexual matters, or are experiencing difficulties that negatively impact on their sexual and human development of the person – and yet not many have someone who they discuss them with. A Clinical Sexologist is trained to specialise and provide confidential and respectful support to clients in the aim of addressing sexual, relationship, and developmental concerns so that people can reach their full potential.

Dave Wells offers ‘Sexual Therapy’ (Sexology) to support people experiencing sexual and relationship difficulties. Counselling to support people, over a range of barriers that hinder personal development, as well as Facilitation and Training in human services topics with employees, volunteers and community.

Dave Wells supports clients from a holistic (whole person) perspective, rather than looking only at the presenting issue.

World Association for Sexual Health (WAS)

Dave Wells Sexual Therapy, Counselling and Training also abides by the World Association for Sexual Health (WAS) Declaration of Sexual Rights. This declaration views sexual rights as being fundamental and universal human rights:

  • The right to sexual freedom
  • The right to sexual autonomy, sexual integrity, and safety of the sexual body
  • The right to sexual equity
  • The right to sexual pleasure
  • The right to emotional sexual expression
  • The right to sexually associate freely
  • The right to make free and responsible reproductive choices
  • The right to sexual information based upon scientific inquiry
  • The right to comprehensive sexuality education
  • The right to sexual health care.
This holistic approach is augmented by consensual referral to appropriate health-care services and providers to address specialised areas that fall outside the skills of a sexologist.

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