Transsexual people are people who desire a different ‘physical sex’, from that which they were assigned at birth.

One typical (though oversimplified) explanation is of a “woman trapped in a man’s body” or vice versa. Medical advances have identified that the gender-related components of the brain, do not always correspond with the person’s physical anatomy’.

Dave Wells contains the experience and knowledge of working with, and along-side, people who identify as gender-diverse.

Dave has found a common factor through all of his connections with people who are gender diverse is, that no matter how down they are in life, and the odds seem to be stacked against them, they cannot escape the internal drive and strength to live as a person who is true to themselves and in this case, their gender.

Dave Wells always states that he has difficulty in understanding why medical reasoning for a person’s gender identity is important in the first place, (outside of being for reasons related to health)? Do cis-Men and cis-women need to explain reasoning for their existence? Whatever gender a person wants to identify as is not any of anyone else’s business.

We look back to old movies and television shows and often think just how simple and basic things were back then. This simplistic attitude is mirrored by the societal acceptance that there are only two genders, defined by genitalia.

Unfortunately, there is always ignorance in every society, and especially due to a historical path of traumatisation, judgement, ignorance and abuse, that trans-gendered people have faced, there are still a number of barriers that can make it difficult for the transgender people, to navigate through their transition towards finding their place of peace, and living true to their identity, and themselves.

In my view, how a person choses to identify is no-one else’s business, and as it is of no harm to the person, or others, then people should look more in their own backyard’, A good person to know is someone who accepts you, for who you are naturally and the first person to start with is yourself.

The process of physical transition for transsexuals can include:

  • Hormone replacement therapy
  • Sexual reassignment surgery (gender reassignment surgery).
  • For transwomen, electrolysis for hair removal is often required,
  • Many transmen have breast-reduction surgery as early as possible (whether accompanied by genital surgery or not).

Some spell the term ‘transexual’ with one ‘s’, in order to reduce the association of their identity with psychiatry and medicine.


Some politics around the terminology: ‘Transexual’ and ‘Transgender’

Transgender is often used as a polite replacement for the term ‘transsexual’ by some. One set of reasoning for this is that it removes the conceptual image “sex” in “transsexual” that implies transsexuality is sexually motivated, which it is not.

There are many other components to this argument about which terminology to label people who conform to the pre-requisites of each title, but the popular view is that Transgender is an umbrella term used to identify people of all gender-diversities and the term ‘transexual’, represents trans-women who are post-op (had reassignment surgery).

Dave Wells will respect you as an individual and welcomes any gender identity that you chose to identify yourself with. If you do not personally identify with a label, Dave Wells can support you through the process of learning about, and accepting, yourself.