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Psychotherapy & Counselling

For many, many reasons people can find themselves in positions where they are having difficulty coping. These positions can be related to a ‘brief life barrier’ that a person is having difficulty to over-come, or gain control of, or it might be an ‘existing barrier’ that has existed throughout the person’s life. At any time of difficulty, the journey can be extremely difficult and made much easier by having someone who is neutral, non-judgmental, confidential, empathetic, educated and knowledgeable to support you.

Dave Wells bases his counselling techniques on the models of ‘Holistic’ or ‘Integrated’ Therapy. This therapy utilises components of a number of different counselling models, dependent on the person’s individual needs and preferences. Consisting on components of ‘Psycho-analysis (Historical), ‘Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT – Thoughts and Behaviours)), Narrative Therapy (Centers people as experts in their own lives), and Humanist approach, are used to focus on the goals, growth and potential of each individual.

sexology (Sexual Therapy)

Dave Wells is a Qualified Clinical Sexologist.  Clinical sexologists hold advanced degrees (Masters) and are trained in the diagnosis and treatment of sexual concerns and dysfunctions. It is a highly trained discipline that combines the resources of: physiology, psychology, religion, anthropology (study of humans and human behavior and societies in the past and present), philosophy, biology, medicine, and sociology, with clinical sexology in providing sex therapy and counselling to persons with sexual problems.

The first point of contact for anybody who is concerned about their Sexual health is their own GP. Many of the people who utilise a Clinical Sexologist are referred to us by their GP or Mental Health Specialists (E.g. Psychologist, Psychiatrists, and Counsellors).

Many sexology services are classed as ‘secondary care’ which means people have been referred to us from primary care (that is the first point of contact you have with medical services when you have a health problem).

Many people’s health problems can be treated by their GP or at a primary care level, but secondary care services help those people with more severe health problems, or those who need more in-depth support.

In many instances, other professions such as Psychologists, Counsellors, Massage therapists/tantric sex therapists, will promote themselves as sexual therapists or sexologists, when in reality their degrees and training covers minimal areas of sexology. Some professionals will engage in further training that will assist them to specialise in particular topical areas of sexology, but to call themselves sexual therapists or sexologists is deceiving.

It is essential for all people who are acquiring the services of a Sexologist or Sexual Therapist to ensure that the professional holds the appropriate qualifications of a Masters of Health Sciences in Sexual Therapies, or similar, which is only available at 2 Australian universities; The University of Sydney and Curtin University in Perth.

Dave Wells promises to always refer you to the front-line professional to assist you with your presenting problems if the presenting issue/s is outside of the scope of sexology or psychotherapy. This may result in another professional being more suited to your needs, or the sharing of the client between professionals.  Regardless, Dave Wells always takes a ‘client centered approach’ to any decision making, and will always view your recovery as paramount.

There are also ‘peak bodies’ such as the ‘Society of Australian Sexologists’ (SAS) and ASSERT NSW. Although these two bodies promote qualified sexologists, not all qualified sexologists are registered due to a number of circumstances.

It is your right to ensure that you are receiving the highest standard (Frontline) of support, and it is important to remember that the training to become a Psychologist includes very little coverage of many of the topics covered by Sexology. Where mental health and its treatments impact of a person’s healthy sexual-being, then both professionals can collaborate together in the aim of reaching the best outcomes for the participant.

facilitation & training

Dave Wells, develops and facilitates, community workshops, presentations, employee training and professional-development programs, on topics aimed at creating inclusiveness and personal strength, as well as being a qualified and registered Mental Health First Aid instructor.

I define therapy as a search for value

Psychotherapy & Counselling

Counselling and Psychotherapy form an important part of Psychological Therapies, which fall under three main categories: Behavioural Therapies, Psychoanalytical and Psycho-dynamic Therapies, and Humanistic Therapies

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Many have questions about sexual matters, or are experiencing difficulties that negatively impact on their sexual and human development of the person – and yet not many have someone who they discuss them with.

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Dave Wells has over 20 years’ experience in writing and delivering ‘training events’, ‘workshops’, and ‘presentations’. Added to this wealth of experience, Dave Wells is also a Mental Health First Aid (MHFA) certified instructor, and regularly has courses on offer in South-east Queensland.

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